ATSU ATSU - Events

ATSU ATSU, a customised solution for all events

If you’re organising a public event, professional or private party, trade fair, convention or product launch ... why not try something different and entrust the catering side of your arrangements to a specialist in a new generation of Japanese gastronomy?

Providing both a taste experience and a spectacle, the ATSU ATSU mobilises and installs its kitchen as, where and when required to honour the original flavours of Japan while still delighting fans of new flavours.

Our expertise allows us to create customised solutions adapted to your budget, your requirements, and those of your guests, so that you only need to focus on your event...

So we can cater for all kinds of events, we have our own equipment and modular structures available. Whether 2 or 80 staff are needed, whether there’s only a few square metres or a larger space available, we always proceed in the same way: after careful planning, we create a 3D map so you can see our booth in its proposed environment.

The originality of ATSU ATSU does the rest. For visitors, it’s an unforgettable experience. For you, it’s simply a success.

For the sake of respecting the environment, ATSU ATSU uses vegetable pulp biodegradable packaging and wooden cutlery.