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The ATSU ATSU team brings together people from diverse backgrounds, but all are united by a similar passion for Japan and its culinary riches. In addition to our employees each supporting, in their own way, a special relationship with Japanese culture, they also share many values, including dynamism, good humour and attention to detail. They delight in human contact and enjoy sharing, allowing them to create, day after day and with endless enthusiasm, a festive universe of laughter and conviviality.

For our public events service, we are looking for staff to fill the following positions:

Kitchen: preparing dishes with care and efficiency
Service: filling client orders and meeting their expectations
Checkout: handling payments
Restocking: replenishing the raw materials as required

For the restaurant ATSU ATSU, we are looking for kitchen and service staff.

Do you share the values of ATSU ATSU and want to join our team?
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